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Membership is only $10! 
Each membership is one vote, one voice in our PTA activities. Purchase memberships for yourself, your kids, grandparents, neighbors, ... Every membership also counts towards the prize draws! 
If you have more than one child at Andasol, each membership purchased by your family by September 22 will count in each student's class total!  Did that make any sense? Let's say you have two children at Andasol and you decide to buy 2 memberships, maybe one for you and one for your spouse. We will add 2 memberships to the total for BOTH your children's classes. Sound good? Just make sure all your children are listed on your membership form!
PTA Membership Drive Flyer    PTA Membership Drive Flyer
Get your memberships online!  You'll receive your membership card via email right away! Online memberships have an added $1/membership processing fee. 
You can also download the form below and return it to your classroom or the main office with payment any time. Please clearly mark envelopes with "ATTENTION: Andasol PTA" and the office staff will make sure it finds us. Thank you!
  • Popcorn Parties - One prize awarded in each grade for the class with the most memberships!
  • $50 in Classroom Supplies to the class with the MOST MEMBERSHIPS over all!
  • Grand Prize Draw - Each membership purchased by September 22 is an entry to win a $50 gift card to Outback Steakhouse. One prize will be awarded. (Please note: since minors cannot be entered to win, their memberships will be counted as entries for their household.)
  • BONUS - If your teacher joins the PTA, it counts as two "regular" memberships for the class total! 

Join Today Tile SpanishWhy join the PTA? Membership gives you a voice and a vote on what our PTA does each year and how we spend our money.

  • Anyone can join.
  • You can join any time throughout the year.
  • You DO NOT need to volunteer or attend any meetings as a member, but we encourage you to show up and speak up for your children and your school when you can. An engaged parent is one of the best indicators for student success.
  • You DO need to renew your membership every school year. If you sign up online, you can choose the "auto-renew" option!
Did you know... members are eligible for scholarships and discounts? Find out more about us by downloading our brochure or visiting the California PTA website.