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Autism/Special Education

Andasol believes in an inclusive school for all students. We have a Special Day Program (SDP) for Autistic students in grades TK-5 who are on the LAUSD CORE curriculum. The AUT-Core Curriculum program uses the District approved core curriculum, and teachers supplement the curriculum with targeted or intensive materials and instruction as appropriate. We are committed to supporting students with disabilities in meeting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for California through rigorous and integrated curriculum, instruction, and assessments.


Andasol also has a Resource Specialist Program. The Resource Specialist Program provides instruction and services for students whose needs have been identified in an IEP and who are assigned to regular classrooms for the majority of the school day.


Our youngest special education students are enrolled in our Pre-School for All Learners Program (PAL). The early years are critical for ensuring that students gain the foundational social, literacy and math readiness skills needed for future school success.


Andasol follows all LAUSD policies for special education enrollment and assessment. For more information, please contact the school.


LAUSD Mission for Special Education: Provide leadership, guidance, and support to the school community in order to maximize learning for all students within an inclusive environment so that each student will contribute to and benefit from our diverse society.


LAUSD Vision for Special Education: Inspire all students to reach their maximum potential as productive and responsible citizens.