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School for Advanced Studies

In our School for Advanced Studies Program, Andasol implements an instructional program that is engaging, relevant and rigorous for our gifted learners. We challenge our gifted students to actively explore, research, and solve complex problems to develop an understanding that goes beyond core academic concepts. Every student is encouraged to engage in learning through depth and complexity of the curriculum. We strive to provide a variety of activities that promote gifted learners strengths and challenge them to grow in areas where they are not as strong. Andasol offers ability and flexible grouping, a differentiated and enriched curriculum, accelerated curriculum and curriculum compacting. Our program for gifted students provides for differentiated instruction and tiered assignments.


Our students acquire 21st century skills through the use of Project-Based learning to integrate the content areas to heighten connectedness for students, and challenge students at their interest and academic level.  Learning happens within a collaborative classroom structure where students share, support and communicate ideas. Our Gifted and Talented learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed for global citizenship and awareness, appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development.


STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) Education furthers their knowledge construction by making connections between disciplines and to their learning. Technology-based applications are integrated into curriculum and projects as early as Kindergarten. As collaborators, they take on different team roles for the project, and to solve problems. As Digital Citizens, they are utilizing responsible sources of digital information, following the rules for effective collaboration when working on a shared project digitally. We utilize a Spheros Robotics Program for grades 1-3, Vex IQ in fourth and fifth grade for building and programming. We also use the Drive LEGO EV3 for fourth and fifth grade students. Where our students learn to build, program and drive.


Andasol also provides multiple opportunities for enrichment through the arts.  Our students participate in the arts programs of orchestra, dance, chorus, guitars, ukuleles, visual arts, theatre arts, and academic chess, to help students to grow socially, emotionally, academically and connect with other areas of their talent.


Social and emotional development is an important part of our program for our students. We engage students in positive behavior support, Restorative Justice and emotional intelligence curriculum. Our programs support conflict resolution in students. Students in all grades participate in digital citizenship lessons to support them as they work with technology platforms and social media.