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Dress Code



All students are requested to wear navy, khaki, and white combination as the school uniform.


Fridays are SPIRIT DAYS, so we encourage students to wear their Andasol School colors and their Andasol T-Shirt.


Students must wear clothing that is appropriate for school. All students shall be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness, health, neatness, safety and appearance. Anything that is deemed to be distracting to the students’ health or safety will not be permitted. 


The following items should not be worn to school:

Extra long T-shirts worn out and down to knees
Overalls with straps hanging down
Baggy, oversized pants or shorts
Baseball caps with brims turned backwards
Low-slung pants on both boys and girls
Low-cut tops or very short bottoms for girls (all ages)


The following additional restrictions are made for the comfort and safety of your children and to support our school discipline policies:


No open sandals, flip-flops, or high heels (students should wear socks and closed toed shoes)
“Heelys” are not permitted
Make-up should not be worn to school
Students should not wear any kind of dangling jewelry
Bare midriff or other revealing styles of clothing are not be permitted

(i.e. tube tops, crop tops, sheer blouses)

Clothing or backpacks displaying tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons, violent content or profanity will not be permitted


Thank you for supporting the school dress code.